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Notice Concerning a Product
in Breach of Agreement.

We, Umeken Co., Ltd., announce that the product “LPS LAB” that we supplied to Crexio Inc. was sold through a third-party company, Morimoto Formulas Sdn Bhd (1368439-V), in the area where the product was prohibited for sale based on our mutual agreement. To the best of our knowledge, after we sold the product to Crexio Inc., it was labeled with contents that we did not authorize and delivered to Malaysia. Therefore, as the manufacturer of the LPS products, we have notified Crexio Inc. that we will not sell any of the products to them in the future.

We greatly regret the confusion caused to our customers in Malaysia by this unfair transaction. Through our investigation of the incident, we have discovered that Morimoto Formulas Sdn Bhd (1368439-V) had posted a video on social networking sites claiming that “LPS Lab” contains twice as much LPS as the legitimately exported product. However, this information is entirely false. We immediately insisted that Crexio Inc. removed the SNS video and confirmed that they had removed the part mentioning this false claim from the SNS video.

We have an exclusive distributorship agreement with a company to sell our LPS products in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Brunei. Therefore, the unauthorized sale of “LPS LAB” in Malaysia by Morimoto Formulas Sdn Bhd (1368439-V) has seriously jeopardized the business of our exclusive distributor in Malaysia.

As the responsible manufacturer, we have been made aware of this fact and have since endeavored to recall “LPS LAB.”
Unfortunately, it is challenging to recall all of the “LPS LAB” products because Internet resellers may list the product on their websites without having it in stock.
If anyone has found a distributor with stock on hand, please kindly report it to us.

We are very sorry that we could not prevent this situation. We will do our best to revise our procedures and ensure that this does not happen again.

Umeken Co., Ltd. has been in business for 45 years, and we believe that only a trustworthy company can persevere. We truly regret that this territory violation damaged our credibility, but we will do our utmost to rebuild your trust.