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45 years of wonderful growth
with precious customers.

Umeken’s Advantage

6 strengths of Umeken

Handed-down traditional Ganzai rounding method that no other company can imitate.

Uncopyable traditional skill of Ball-form

Umeken has inherited the traditional Ball-making technique handed down in Toyama Prefecture for more than 200 years.
We will support your “creativeness” with high-quality, sophisticated techniques backed by 200 years of tradition. Please refer to the Feature of Ball-form page for more detailed information on our Ball-form.

We have acquired various certifications to give our customers a wider range of products.

Various certifications to your needs

GMP certification for strict quality control, Halal certification for Muslims, and JAS organic certification to enable production and commercialization of ingredients grown by nature as they are, offer customers more choices and a wide range of uniqueness.

We can provide unique product concepts using materials grown on our farm.

Uniqueness from our own farm.

We grow unique, pesticide-free ingredients on our Miyako Island, Okinawa farm. As a result, we can produce original ingredients such as Bidens Pilosa and other Miyako herbs, which are difficult for other companies to cultivate. We are pleased to deliver uniqueness to our customers.

Integrated production to meet a wide range of demands from small to large lots

One-stop solution for all your needs

Our manufacturing factory handles large-lot and small-lot production to meet customers’ needs.
We handle the whole manufacturing process, from extraction to packaging, in our integrated production system factory, where the production can be completed in-house without outsourcing.

Hearings that allow customers to focus on sales with a spirit of altruism

Our priority is customer’s profit

We believe “understanding of project detail is important” to assist correctly.
To prevent any conflicts among customers in the same territories, we make every effort not to offer the same concept.
We value the spirit of altruism and cherish our encounters and relations with our customers.

More than 40 years of experience and a wide range of material choices

Proof of more than 40 years of experience

Our long-standing relationships with industry peers, ingredient manufacturers, farmers, universities, and researchers enable us to provide you with authentic ingredients and new research information so that our customers can maximize the features of their products. In addition, we have PhDs in pharmacology, nutrition, medicine, and biomedical engineering on staff for maximum scientific support and better proposal suggestions.