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Characteristics of Ball-Form (Ganzai)

Why Ball-form, Ganzai?

Umeken has inherited the tradition of the Ball-making technique handed down in Toyama Prefecture for more than 200 years.
The traditional method is customized by Umeken with original machine for mass production.
Thanks to clients, Umeken has been known as the leading manufacturer of ball-form, Ganzai.

strong preferences for Ball-form Ganzai
the 200-year-old traditional ball-form Ganzai method.

From Toyama Prefecture to nationwide

The beginning of Ball-form, Ganzai

Toyama's Ganzai
Originally, the Japanese people used to take medicines by boiling herbs and drinking them as if they were tea.
The Ball-form, Ganzai is said to be a uniquely Japanese technique that has been handed down since ancient times.
In the third year of the Genroku era (1688-1704), when a feudal lord suddenly suffered from a stomachache, Masatoshi Maeda, the second lord of the Toyama domain, gave him a pill that he always had on hand, which immediately relieved the pain. This incident is said to be the beginning of Toyama’s renowned reputation for medicines between the feudal lords of various clans.

Strength of Ball-form, Ganzai

It is not possible to formulate highly viscous materials concentrated from herbs and other extracts into tablets.
Ball-making technique allows highly viscous extracts into the formula. It was thought to be impossible to mechanize this process because it requires high skill of craftsmen.
However, as a result of careful research, we succeeded in mass production by combining traditional craftmanship with modern technology.
Toyama's Ganzai

Comparison of Ball-form to other types

  • Ball-form allows blending high-viscous-material such as concentrated extract
  • Ball-form is easier swallowing
  • Ball-form allows customize with Sugar-coating which makes good taste
  • Ball sizes can be designed from very small to large.
  • Bioavailability can be longer depending on ingredients
  • Ball-form can formulate not only powder raw material
  • Ball-form can design unique shape such as rugby ball or square
  • A wide range of interesting texture and taste options to choose from.