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Corporate Slogan & CEO Message

Corporate Slogan

Our slogan is「明るく楽しく素直に生きよう、そして多くの人々のお役に立とう」

Our slogan is “Let’s live brightly, joyfully and honestly, and be of service to many people.” Our business principle is “Improve our personality, refine our skills, create good products, and we can contribute to people’s health.”

Message from the Chairman

Umeken Co. Ltd. Chairman and Representative Director Shuichi Sakamoto

Umeken Co., Ltd. has kept growing steadily over the last 45 years thanks to the great support of everyone.
It is said that we are now in an era of rapid and deep three-dimensional change in all areas of the world.
We will continue to be a company that pursues people’s “health of body and mind”, and I think that a vital matter for business is altruism.
It is my pleasure to see our customers happy. I am also delighted to find that all our staffs are working happily and brightly.

Umeken Co., Ltd.
CEO / Founder

Hidekazu Sakamoto